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HIB Information
MDistrict Anti-Bullying Specialists
Judge Ellis, PreK-8
Contact Information:
     732-842-0383 x4316

Jessica Piernik, PreK-3

Contact Information:
      732-842-0330 x4409
Allie Copman, Gr. 4 - 6
Contact Information:

Nancy Pearson, Gr. 7 - 8
Contact Information:
      732-842-0383 x4455

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Dr. John Bormann
Contact Information:

Affirmative Action Info

District Affirmative Action, Title IX Officer, 504 Officer
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

District Affirmative Action Team

Spencer Austin, School Psychologist
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Jessica Piernik, School Counselor
Allie Copman, School Counselor
Nancy Pearson, School Counselor

Homeless Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:
Information for Parents

Education Stability Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

Child Abuse

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

"Child Abuse Hotline Number"

Human Resource Officer for Domestic Violence (HRO)
Policy 1581 - Domestic Violence
Regulation 1581 - Domestic Violence

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:


Frequently Asked Questions

When does school start and end?

School hours are from 8:30 am to 3:05 pm. Students should not arrive at school before 8:25 am., since they are not supervised on the grounds. Students should not be in the building after 3:15 unless they are supervised by an adult.

Whom should I call when my child will be absent?

Call the Forrestdale attendance line at 732-842-0383.  Choose option 1 to speak with Cathy Hawn or  leave a message about the reason for your child's absence.  Please call before 9:00 am. Your call will be answered by a staff member or voicemail 24 hours a day when phones are operational.

Can I pick up homework when my child is absent?

Students who are going to be absent for several days are encouraged to try to stay up to date with assignments.  Parents of students in grades 4 and 5 may call the main office at the beginning of the day to arrange to pick up the homework for that day, which will be available in the main office after 3:30.  Please do not request to pick up work before the end of the school day.

Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are to choose "homework buddies" in each class from whom they can get missed assignments via telephone after school.  Teacher class websites that include homework assignments are now linked to this district website.   Parents can pick up books needed for these assignments after 3:15.  Please work out access details (locker number and combination) with your child.

When do report cards come home?

For 2016-17, marking period grades are issued in November, February , and April.  The final report card will be available by the end of June. Grades are posted on the Genesis paerent portal; we no longer issue paper report cards. Parents will be notified by e-mail when new information is avaulable on the report cards in the portal.

 Interim reports are issued on an as-needed basis; not every student will receive one.

Can my child leave during the day?

Students who need to leave during school hours should present notes from their parents to Cathy Hawn in the main office before or during homeroom period.  Ms. Hawn will issue the student a pass and include the student's name on the list of early dismissals so that all teachers are informed.  The student should report to the office for dismissal at the time indicated on the pass in order to avoid having the office call to interrupt the class.  All students leaving or arriving during the school day must sign in and out from the main office.

Can I visit the school?

Parents are welcome to visit the school; please call the principal to make arrangements before coming. All visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge.

How are students placed on the honor roll?

Students in grades 6 through 8 are eligible for honor roll or high honor roll. To be placed on the honor roll, a student must receive an 83 or above in all subjects. To be placed on the high honor roll, a student must receive a 92 or above (or all A's) on all subjects. Students on the high honor roll will appear only on that list, not both.

Will a non-custodial parent get a copy of a child's report card?

The Rumson Board of Education believes it is appropriate to allow non-custodial parents to participate in the education of their children. According to board policy, upon request, non-custodial parents shall be entitled to exercise all parental rights to the extent that such rights are not restricted by a legally binding instrument or court order.  Parents of Forrestdale students who want to ascertain inclusion on the list of parents who receive report cards by mail for all marking periods, may call or e-mail Cathy Hawn at 732-842-0383 ext 331 or