Ms. VanDeBoe

ALL IXLs are due the day of the Unit Test-

Unit 1:   7th:  B1-B6, C1-C9  OR 8th:  B1-B5, C1-C8

Unit 2:   7th:  D1-D4, F1-F10, H1, H2, H4, H5-H9, E9 OR 8th:  D4-D8, E2-E5, E7-E9

Unit 3:   7th: R1-R4, R7, R8, R10, R13-R16, S1, S2, S5, S6  8th:  V1 -V9, V14, V16, W6, W7

Unit 4:   7th:  T1-T7 OR  8th: X1-X9

Unit 5:   7th:  J1-J6, J8-J12  and K3-K6, V1, V2, J14 OR 8th:  H1-H5, H7-H10, Y1-Y3, I1, I3, I4, I6 - I8

Unit 6:   7th:  L1-L3, L5-L10, M6-M9, M11 OR 8th:  J1-J2, J4-J9, J11, K5-K9, K10

Unit 7:   8th:  H.12, 7th:  W2-W4, W6, W12-W13

Unit 8:   8th:  O.14, T1-T6, T16, 7th:  AA1-AA6, W16, AA10-AA13 (SS of 75)

Unit 9:   8th:  T.7-T11, 7th:  AA.7, AA.8, Z3, Z2, Z4

Unit 10:   7th:  DD.1-DD.7, DD.10, 8th:  CC.5-CC.6

Unit 13:   8th:  Y.1-Y.13, Algebra:  S.21

Unit 14:   8th:  F14-F20, R1-R5, N4

Topics 1-3:   8th:  W9-W11, W13-W15, Algebra:  I8

Unit 16 :  8th:  F3-F12, G1-G4  Due 6/4


7th Grade Mathematics (Periods 1,3 and 4,5):

IXL: 8th grade:    W6-W9 (to 90), W10-W15 (to 85)  Bring in work.  Due 6/14

Topics 1-2 Test Thursday 6/13

IXL Diagnostics due 6/17 


Monday 6/10:     Complete Multi-step Equation Worksheet.  EVENS ONLY

Tuesday 6/11:     Complete IXLs.


Wednesday 6/12:     Complete IXLs.

Thursday 6/13:     Complete IXLs.


Friday 6/14:     Have a nice weekend!




Accelerated Pre-Algebra (Periods 4,5):

IXL Unit 16 :  8th:  F3-F12, G1-G4  Due 6/4

Radicals IXLs- Algebra EE.1-EE.2, EE.4, EE.5 Due 6/14

Radical Test Friday 6/14

Monday 6/10:     Complete IXL for 30 minutes.

Tuesday 6/11:     Complete IXL for 30 minutes.


Wednesday 6/12:     Complete IXLs for 30 minutes.

Thursday 6/13:     Complete IXLs for 30 minutes.


Friday 6/14:     Have a nice weekend!



This homework page is posted for reference only.  For the most recent assignments, please check your planner daily.