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                                                         Mrs. Caroline DeWyngaert

                                         Welcome to Grade 8  ELA

                      cdewyngaert@rumsonschool .org                         832-842-0383 ext.132

                                                  Remember for the most up-to-date information, refer to your planner.

                     If you are absent, please call a classmate and ask him or her what happened in class and what has been assigned


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Class Expectations:

Be Respectful; Be Responsible; and Be Prepared:  We will read, write, and work hard every day.   To be prepared, you need to be present.  You will also need to bring these items to class everyday: Notebook, Writing Implement, Core Novel or Novels, Homework, Journal, and Planner.

Links for Class Resources

Student Log-in page for Wordly Wise:  or CLEVER

Student Log-in for Achieve 3000:  or CLEVER

Student Log-in for IXL  or CLEVER

Chains Audio Book Link is on Google Classroom

Frederick Douglass Audio Book Link:


Week of October 15,  2018







4/5 and 7/8:




4/5 and 7/8: 


Thursday:   Wordly Wise Test tomorrow and be prepared with all notes on Chains.



2/3: Finish all work for FD chapters 5 and 6 on Google classroom and be prepared to discuss the essential question on Monday - Chains quiz

4/5 and 7/8:Read Chains chapters 34 and 35 and use the note sheets or note sheet template on GC. Quiz on Monday. 



Have a great  weekend!


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