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Grade 8 ELA and Homeroom 505

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Meet Ms. Sullivan

Welcome everyone! This school year, I am teaching eighth grade ELA.  I am also the debate team coach, and I am co-advisor for Peer Leaders with Ms. Pearson.  Debate club meets every Wednesday in Room 505 during period 6 (lunch and recess for both 7th and 8th grade).

Class Expectations

**Come to class prepared to work**

We will read, write, and work hard every day.  I promise it will be worth it. To be prepared, you need to be present.  You will also need to bring these items to class everyday:

  • Reader/Writer's Notebook
  • Your Chromebook
  • A pen
  • Our core novel 
  • Your homework from the night before
  • Journal
  • Your agenda
  • A well rested brain

​**Contribute to a positive learning community**

We do our best work when we feel safe, optimistic, and motivated.  Every member of our class community is part of making that happen.  You can contribute by coming to class with a positive attitude, lifting each other up when one of us struggling, respecting each person's right to feel comfortable and safe, asking for help when you need it, supporting each other when we make mistakes, and embracing enthusiasm for learning.  

**Practice responsibility and accountability**

We learn the responsibility and independence we will need in high school through daily practice.  You can practice responsibility and accountability by writing your homework down in your agenda, planning for long term assignments, admitting mistakes and learning from them, accepting feedback as a chance to grow, practicing self-care, and recognizing when to ask for help.  


Links for Class Resources

Student Log-in page for Wordly Wise:

Student Log-in for Achieve 3000:

Student Log-in for IXL



SRI Assessment: Thursday, 9/27/18