Extra Help

Extra help is always availabe, but there is a preference for setting up an appointment.   Please note students should not view coming in for extra help as a replacement for not attempting to complete homework.


Daily expectation

Students must come in prepared for class, with proper materials



Students must keep an organizied notebook(spiral or binder) by date.  They have the option to divide it into sections.



Grading is done on a point system,  total number of points earned divided by the total points possible

Sample point values

Quizzes 1-40 points

Tests   50 to 100 points

End of unit exams 80 -200 points

Coops/group work depend on work load for point value

Projects depends on work load (No outside of school group projects will be assigned)

Notebook check 10 points

Homework is generally 3 points each, with most points awarded for completeness



Students should not spend more then 35 minutes on any daily homework assignment.   At 35 minutes a parent/guardian may choose to sign the asignment saying it has been 35 to 40 minutes and the student will receive full credit.  Spending that much time is a sign they don't understand the material and may be getting frustrated.  Most assignments should take 20 to 30 minutes for the average student.

Please  note this does not included long term assignmets done at the last second.