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HIB Information
District Anti-Bullying Specialists
Judge Ellis, PreK-8
Contact Information:
     732-842-0383 x316

Jessica Piernik, PreK-3

Contact Information:
      732-842-0330 x409
Allie Copman, Gr. 4, 5
Contact Information:

Nancy Pearson, Gr. 6 - 8
Contact Information:
      732-842-0383 x455

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Dr. John Bormann
Contact Information:

Affirmative Action Info

District Affirmative Action, Title IX Officer, 504 Officer
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

District Affirmative Action Team

Spencer Austin, School Psychologist
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Jessica Piernik, School Counselor
Allie Copman, School Counselor
Nancy Pearson, School Counselor

Homeless Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:
Information for Parents

Education Stability Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

Child Abuse

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

"Child Abuse Hotline Number"

Forrestdale School Staff 

Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons, Principal
School Phone: 732-842-0383
School Fax: 732-219-9458


Forrestdale School Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Principal, Forrestdale School Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
Dean of Students, District Mr. Judge Ellis 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
Administrative Assistant, Principal  Mrs. Tricia Zifchak 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessments

Title Name Phone Email
CI&A Supervisor Mrs. Vera Ridoux 732-945-3100 e-mail
CI&A Administrative Asst.  Ms. Jennifer Wargo 732-945-3100 e-mail


Title Name Phone Email
School Counselor Gr. 6-8 Ms. Nancy Pearson 732-842-0383 x 455 email
School Counselor Gr. 4-5 Ms. Allie Copman 732-842-0383 x 390 email
Administrative Assistant         Mrs. Ann Zimbile 732-842-0383 x331 email

School Nurse

Title Name Phone Email
Nurse                                             Mrs. Maria Montanez 732-842-0383 x318              email

Teachers & Staff

Grade / Subject Name (click for website) Phone Email
Fourth Grade Ms. Emily Bagnell x169 e-mail
Fourth Grade Mrs. Loreen Haldane x104 e-mail

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Kelly McGowan


Mrs. Meg Rady                        





Fourth Grade

Mrs. Meghan Salowe

Ms. Joanna Minnis  




Fourth Grade Ms. Jamie Wagner  x408 e-mail
Grade 4/5 Science Specialist

Ms. Brittaney Flynn - Grade 4

Ms. Brittaney Flynn - Grade 5

x107 e-mail
Fifth Grade Ms. Aimee Humbert x 103 e-mail

Fifth Grade

Ms. Jillian Hunt




Fifth Grade Ms. Meghan Kain x110 e-mail
Fifth Grade      
Fifth Grade

Mrs. Pam Mannion





Fifth Grade Clara Van Allen x108 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Science Ms. Lauren Smith x114 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Social Studies Mr. Dan Morrone x111 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Math Mr. Joe Novellino x112 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Math Ms. Sam Johnson x 113 e-mail
Sixth Grade - ELA Mr. Tom Dietz x115 e-mail
Sixth Grade - ELA Mrs. Lori Zucker x116 e-mail
Seventh Grade - Science Mrs. Jennifer Crow x122 e-mail
Seventh Grade -  Math Mrs. Lisa Jacobowitz x120 e-mail
Seventh Grade - Social Studies Mr. Keith Laviola x124 e-mail
Seventh Grade - ELA Mrs. Kristen Downs/Bette Bourlokas x123 e-mail
Seventh Grade - ELA Ms. Jennifer Brown x119 e-mail
Seventh Grade- Math Mrs. Sommer VanDeBoe x410 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Science Mr. Matthew Withers x161 e-mail
Eighth Grade -  Math Mr. Scott Davidson x128 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Social Studies Mrs. Michelle Devoy x130 e-mail
Eighth Grade - ELA Mrs. Caroline DeWyngaert x132 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Math Mrs. Suzanne Mauri x103 e-mail
Eighth Grade - ELA Ms. Kate Sullivan x129 e-mail
World Languages - French Mrs. Natalie Carroll x124 e-mail
World Languages - Spanish Mrs. Justine Otero Mrs. Sarah McManus x101 e-mail
World Languages - Spanish

Ms. Amanda Cowan




World Language- Spanish Ms.Susan Graye x131 e-mail
Health Mrs. Lucrezia Holmes x412 e-mail
STEM 4-5 Mrs, Dawn Cappetto x159 e-mail

Mr. Chris Macioch





Enrichment Program (Jet)

Mrs. Maureen Gordon


x 171




Basic Skills Mrs.. Kim Rose   e-mail
Basic Skills Mrs. Heather Mutto   e-mail
Basic Skills Mrs. Carol Tagliareni   e-mail
Special Education Christyn Glover x 118 e-mail
Special Education Ms. Corine Brennan x165 e-mail
Special Education Mr. John Bellavance x113 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Jamie Burns x410 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Meghan Cavanaugh x131  e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Jessica Hawkins x158 e-mail
Special Education Ms. Sarah Root x 129 e-mail
Special Education Ms. Liza Little x 410 e-mail
Special Education Ms. DJ Martino x 109 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Amanda O'Neill x 108 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Catherine Obszarny x406 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Sandy Pignataro x407 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Lisa Spillane-Eldrige x410 e-mail
Visual Arts Mrs. Amy Lepping x163 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library Mrs. Liz Waters x317 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library (AM Aide) Mrs. Julie Whalen x317 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library (PM Aide)   x317  
Music Mr. John Lebitsch x133 e-mail
Music Mrs. Barbara Leutz x160 e-mail
Physical Education Mrs. Robin Gordon x191 e-mail
Physical Education Mr. James Schnappauf x192 e-mail
Child Study Team, School Psychologist Mr. Spencer Austin x325 e-mail
Child Study Team, LDTC Mrs. Arlene Troynousky x359 e-mail
Child Study Team, LDTC Mrs. Sandy Self x237 e-mail
Technology Coordinator / Network Manger  Mr. Louis Pelissier x162 e-mail
Technology Coordinator Assistant Mr. Clint Costa x164 e-mail


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