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HIB Information
District Anti-Bullying Specialists
Jessica Piernik
Contact Information:
      732-842-0330 x4409
Allie Copman
Contact Information:
      732-842-0383 x4390
Alexandra Sondak
Contact Information:

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Nancy Pearson
Contact Information:
     732-842-0383 x4316

Affirmative Action Info

District Affirmative Action, Title IX Officer, 504 Officer
Dr. Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

District Affirmative Action Team

Spencer Austin, School Psychologist
Michael Snyder, Ed. D., Supervisor of Special Education
Jessica Piernik, School Counselor
Allie Copman, School Counselor
Alexandra Sondak, School Counselor

Homeless Liaison
Dr. Michael Snyder,  Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:
Information for Parents

Education Stability Liaison
Dr. Michael Snyder,Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator

Dr. Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

Child Abuse

Dr. Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

"Child Abuse Hotline Number"

Human Resource Officer for Domestic Violence (HRO)
Policy 1581 - Domestic Violence
Regulation 1581 - Domestic Violence

Dr. Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Contact Information:

Title IX Appointments   

Policy 5751 - Sexual Harassment of Students

Dr. John E. Bormann, Supt.
Title IX Appeal Officer

Dr. Michael Snyder, Sup. Spec.Ed
Title IX Decision Maker

Title IX Investigators:
Mrs. Jessica Piernik

Ms. Allie Copman
Kelly Schultz



Frequently Asked Questions:

For medical questions and information, go to the nurse's page .

Who do I call when my child will be absent? To report a child's absence, call the school at 842-7139 and leave a message. When the student returns to school, please send a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence.

How do I get homework for my child? If you want to request that homework be sent home, you can leave a message when you call to report the child's absence. You can also call the main office at 842-0330 to request homework. Please call by 9:00 a.m. to give the teacher time to gather the materials. You can pick up the homework in the office at the end of the school day.

Can I visit my child's class? Classroom visitations are encouraged as long as they do not interrupt the education process. They must be arranged in advance with the classroom teacher. Visitors should sign in at the main office and must wear a visitor's badge while in the building.

What happens when my child must leave early? The principal must authorize all requests for a child to leave the building before the regular dismissal time. Parents must pick up the child at the office.

What if my child has a play date? If your child will be going home in other than the established outine, the classroom teacher must be informed via a written note by the first period of the day.
No child is allowed to ride home on any other school bus than the one normally assigned. Transportation for play dates must be provided by parents or after the children are home from school.

Where do I pick up my child at Deane Porter? Children who don't ride the bus are dismissed from the front and back doors or in Rolling Car LIne. Narumson Street is one-way eastbound from 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning and from 3:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon. Blackpoint Road is one-way westbound at all times. Children may not be dropped off or picked up on Blackpoint Road.
If you are picking up a child in the front, please pull up to the end of the overhang to meet your child. Children should get in and out on the passenger side of the car.
For quick errands in the school, please use the 15-minute parking places. Do not park in the spot reserved for police vehicles.