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HIB Information
District Anti-Bullying Specialists
Jessica Piernik, Deane-Porter
Contact Information:
      732-842-0330 x409
Nancy Pearson, Forrestdale
Contact Information:
      732-842-0383 x455

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Kerri Walsifer
Contact Information:
     732-842-0383 x316

Affirmative Action Info

District Affirmative Action and Title IX Officer
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

District 504 Officer
Kerri Walsifer, Supervisor of Guidance

Contact information:
     732-842-0383 x316

District Affirmative Action Team

Spencer Austin, School Psychologist
Kerri Walsifer, Supervisor of Guidance
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Jessica Piernik, Guidance Counselor
Nancy Pearson, Guidance Counselor

Homeless Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:
Information for Parents


English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education


Deane-Porter School Staff 

School Phone: 732-842-0330
School Fax:  732-212-0843 

School Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Principal, Deane-Porter School Ms. Shari Feeney 732-842-0330 x350 e-mail
Administrative Asst. Mrs. Diane Ryan 732-842-0330 x350 e-mail
AM Receptionist Ms. Debra Harwood 732-842-0330 X360 e-mail
PM Receptionist Mrs. Brenda Ward 732-842-0330 X360 e-mail

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Title Name Phone Email
CI&A Supervisor Mrs. Vera Ridoux 732-945-3100 e-mail
CI&A Administrative Asst.  Ms. Jennifer Wargo 732-945-3100 e-mail

Special Services

Title Name Phone Email
Special Services, Supervisor Mr. Michael Snyder 732-842-0811 e-mail
Secretary Mrs. Laura Randazzo 732-842-0811 e-mail

Guidance & Character Education

Title Name Phone Email
Supervisor of Guidance Mrs. Kerri Walsifer 732-842-0383 X316 e-mail
Administative Assistant Mrs. Ann Zimbile 732-842-0383 X331 e-mail
School Counselor
Anti-Bullying Specialist
Mrs. Jessica L. Piernik 732-842-0330 X409 e-mail

School Nurse

Title Name Phone Email
School Nurse
Ms. Krisanne Zajac 732-842-0330 X353 e-mail

Teachers & Staff

Title Name Phone Email
Preschool Mrs. Shellie Miller x248 e-mail
Kindergarten Mrs. Brooke Huff x402 e-mail
Kindergarten Ms. Gina Varanelli x401 e-mail

Mrs. Sara Stanziola (Corrine Clark)/ Ms. Nancy Kelly

x215 e-mail
Kindergarten Mrs. Karen Newman x403 e-mail
Kindergarten Mrs. Jenni Lucci x216 e-mail
First Grade Mrs. Carissa Berger (Theresa Agro) x246 e-mail
First Grade Mrs. Jennifer Olsen x244 e-mail
First Grade Mrs. Lori Blahut x242 e-mail
First Grade Mrs. Sarah Kubala  x245 e-mail
First Grade Mrs. Holly Nixon / Mrs. Kathryn Gregory x240 e-mail
Second Grade Mrs. Bridget Albrizio x235 e-mail
Second Grade Mrs. Colleen Henrikson / Ms. Kegelman x236 e-mail
Second Grade Mrs. Alexis Campbell x238 e-mail
Second Grade Mrs. Keri Lecorchick x234 e-mail
Second Grade Ms. Stacey Watt x219 e-mail
Third Grade Mrs. Jill Cox x220 e-mail
Third Grade Ms. Deanna Lukac x233 e-mail
Third Grade Ms. Alyse Newman / Mrs. Moira Barrett x217 e-mail
Third Grade Mrs. Sue Schoenfeld x239 e-mail
Third Grade Mrs. Megan Siclare x218 e-mail
Speech/Language  Ms. Jen Nolet x362 e-mail
Speech/Language Mrs. Ursula Glackin x257 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Eileen Applegate x237 e-mail
Special Education Ms. Joanna Minnis x404 e-mail
Math Specialist Mrs. Meaghan Cavanaugh x251 e-mail
Reading Specialist Ms. Julie Lipton x251 e-mail
Math Enrichment (G1 & G2) Ms. Janet Scratchley x171 e-mail
Art Mrs. Robin Yaeger x247 e-mail
Music Mrs. Valerie Wagner X249 e-mail
Physical Education Mr. Bob VanDeBoe x361 e-mail
Spanish Mrs. Janice Lake X404 e-mail
STEM Mr. Mark Panas x227 e-mail
STEM Mrs. Liz Waters x252 e-mail
Science Mrs. Dawn Cappetto X250 e-mail

Child Study Team

Title Name Phone Email
School Psychologist Mr. Spencer Austin x325 e-mail
Social Worker
Mrs. Arlene Troynousky x359 e-mail
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant Mrs. Sandy Self X222 e-mail