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The Rumson School District continues its proud tradition of offering high quality curriculum which is designed to be engaging, rigorous and aligned with the standards and best practices.  The office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment exists to ensure that the Rumson District curriculum continues to be relevant and engaging for our students. By statute, all New Jersey districts are required to evaluate, and if necessary, revise all district curricula every five years.  At Rumson, we exceed this mandate by treating our curriculum as a living document, continually revising through a collaborative process to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.  

Our teachers are supported with sustained professional development opportunities designed to improve upon practices already in place. Additionally, participation in ongoing professional learning communities allows for discussion regarding curriculum and best practice of instruction. The greatest impact on our curriculum and student achievement comes from the dialogue between teachers within and across grade levels and subjects.

District- and state-wide assessment programs allow us to evaluate student performance and are used as some of many measures of success as a district. Multiple data points allow for us to constantly improve our practices and programs.


Rumson’s curriculum is developed using a backward-design process based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards which were revised in 2014.  New Jersey Common Core Standards in language arts and math underwent additional review in 2015 with adoption of the New Jersey State Board of Education in May 2016.  


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