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Gifted and Talented - Acceleration - Enrichment


JET 3-5 Programming / Accelerated Coursework 6-8 / Enrichment Opportunities 6-8

All children have unique strengths and talents, and the Rumson School District strives to provide opportunities to develop the social, emotional and academic abilities of each student. Teachers actively develop learning opportunities to meet these goals through individualized, differentiated learning activities across each content area, but the District recognizes that some students possess and demonstrate extraordinary levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers. These students may require differentiated programming opportunities beyond what are already provided in order to maximize their potential.

The Rumson School District, through the study of the theories of intelligence and giftedness, understands the definition of giftedness through the lens of theory and research from Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. Bertie Kingore and Dr. Joseph Renzulli. Nurturing talent and giftedness in children requires providing students with classroom tasks that promote challenge and high thinking opportunities in order to help grow gifted behaviors.