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Welcome to the District COVID-19 Pandemic Page

Based on Hackensack Meridian's continued review of the Rumson
School District's COVID Response Plan, Hackensack Meridian
 Health endorses the district with the Keeping America Safe
Seal of Approval as demonstration of our collaboration to
 keep the Rumson Public School District healthy and safe

during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

HMH Disclaimer

Below is the District’s Operational Restart Plan under COVID-19. It is a “living” document that is updated either as guidance comes down through our decision-making chain (CDC, New Jersey Department of Health, Monmouth County Health Commission #1) or as a compliance recommendation from Hackensack Meridian Health.  

Important Updates per Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders Issued on 5/17/21:

  • Travel Advisory - Effective immediately, individuals returning to NJ from domestic travel do not need to quarantine.  International travel still requires a 10 day quarantine OR 7 day quarantine with a negative PCR test on day 5.

  • Mask Mandate

    • The indoor mask mandate will remain in effect in NJ in public spaces.  

      • Frequent mask breaks will be provided and environmental temperatures in the classroom will be monitored and responded to accordingly.

        • This may include unmasking for periods of time when students are working at their seats behind their desk barriers.

    • While the outdoor wearing of masks is lifted in public spaces, schools and other childcare facilities are still required to have all individuals on the premises wear masks when unable to distance by 6 feet.  

      • When students are appropriately distanced outdoors during inactive events (reading a book, watching an event, socializing with friends,  listening to a lesson, etc.) they will be able to remove their mask.

      • When students are engaged in activities outdoors where contact is minimized (kickball, tag, etc.) we will allow students to be without a mask because contact is likely to be less than 15 minutes within 6 feet.

    • Under no circumstances is the removal of masks required.  Please speak to your children about what you are comfortable having them do.

  • In-Person Instruction for 21-22 - At the conclusion of the 20-21 school year a full remote option for students will end.  It is expected that schools will be fully open for in-person instruction next school year. An option for full remote instruction for individual students will not be available. 

You will find the most recent updates always highlighted in yellow in our Operation Restart Plan.  
Below the Operational Restart Plan you will find other district pandemic response documents, general COVID-19 information, and District correspondence related to the pandemic.

2020-2021 Operational Restart Plan under COVID-19

"Updated 5/18/2021"

Pfizer Vaccine Available for Children 12+

(The Rumson Board of Education and it’s district members do not advocate for or
against the COVID Vaccine for children, but provides this information as a public
service for those interested.)


District Pandemic Response

Rumson School District Safe Return Plan 6.1.21

Spring Sports Tryouts/Practice Safety Procedures

7-Day Quarantine Form

2020-2021 Restart Policy Plan

Full-Time Remote Learning Option Protocols

2020-2021 Hybrid Handbook



General COVID-19 Information 

Monmouth ACTS FRI Social Media for Schools

Monmouth ACTS FRI News Release for Schools Outreach

NJ Travel Restrictions - Official Site of State of NJ

Borough of Rumson Holds First COVID-19 Testing Center

CDC Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools through Phased Mitigation 2.12.21

NJDOH Recommended Minimum Quarantine Timeframes 2.15.21

Rumson School District Virtual Learning Page

NJ Official COVID-19 Website 

New Jersey Department of Health main COVID-19 webpage

Center for Disease Control webpage

Local Public Health Directory

Mental Helath Association of Monmouth County COVID-19 Community Resources

COVID Travel Guidance

NJ Travel Restrictions

Monmouth ACTS Financial Recovery Initiative (FRI)


District Correspondence

Community Genesis Screener Letter - 4-06-2021

Parent Academy 3/4/2021 Session - Audio Link

Letter from the Superintendent 1-25-2021 - Re: Virtual Instruction

Letter from the Superintendent 1-20-2021 - Re: Virtual Instruction

Community Letter from the Superintendent 1-08-2021 - Re: Return to school and capitol events

Post Break Commumity Letter from the Superintendent 1-06-2021 - Re: Return to school

Letter from the Superintendent 12-17-2020 - Re:  Extension of virtual instruction

December Letter from the Superintendent 12-14-2020 - Re: Successful five-day in person

COVID Update Community Letter from the Superintendent 12-02-2020 - Re: Return from break

Important Letter from the Superintendent 11-20-2020 - Re: School community transmission update

Superintendent's Bi-Weekly Updates
June 3, 2021 (pdf)
May 20, 2021 (pdf)
May 6, 2021 (pdf)
April 22, 2021 (pdf)
April 8, 2021 (pdf)
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